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Investment Coordination Council and Mono-city Managing Council

For the purpose of coordination and effective interaction of local governments and subjects of investment activities that operate on the territory of municipal unit of Nizhny Tagil, Investment Coordination Council was established- a permanent advisory body under Nizhny Tagil Municipal Administration, approved by the Decree of Municipal Administration as of August 14, 1981 No. 2059 - ПА.

The main objectives of the Council:

1) coordination of investment entity interaction with local government bodies of the municipal unit;

2) promotion and support of investment initiatives;

3) public examination of drafts of municipal normative legal acts regulating development of investment activities;

4) development of recommendations to local authorities in determining priority areas for investment development of the municipality.

Managing Council for Nizhny TagilMono-cityDevelopment Programme Implementation has been established and is functioning as an interdepartmental working body under Nizhny Tagil Municipal Administration; its goals are to ensure collegial consideration of reasonability and feasibility of project ideas, ensuring practical interaction between executive authorities of constituent entity of the Russian Federation, local governments, development institutions, business entities and other interested parties, development and agreement of decisions in the sphere of planning and control of activities of local self-government bodies of a mono-profile municipal unit Nizhny Tagil (hereinafter referred to as the mono-cities) for implementation of mono-city development programs and projects, achievement of control events and project and program rates.